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The Princess πŸ‘‘ herself got repotted today into a bottom-w...

The Princess πŸ‘‘ herself got repotted today into a bottom-watering pot 2" bigger than the nursery pot she was in. Fingers crossed that she takes this well.
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3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I really like your little wooden screen in the back! Where did you get that?
@snowtrooper , thank you!! Someone made it! I bought it at a craft fair. 😁
Mine is arriving soon. I can’t wait! I don’t think I’ll repot her yet but I did consider also putting her on a self watering pot. Could I ask if there is a specific reason for your decision? Since I’m going to add a moss pole, I need to consider this before lol
Btw. She’s beautiful!
@Gustavo , you will love her!! So happy for you. 😊 This one has a new leaf wanting to come out and the stem is variegated so I'm really excited! 😊😊
I found this pot for pretty cheap and it happened to be the correct size for a new pot for her, so I researched to make sure that she would like this type of pot and from what I read, it was positive. She's still happy this morning so I'm hoping we will be all good. 🀞
@JesssJungle I’m veeeery excited! I think I’ll keep her in the original pot, then. The self watering pots I have and trust are about 6,5”, and she’s arriving in a 4,7” pot, so it would be a pretty big change for little reason - I now trust my watering skills lol. I can’t wait to see her grow, especially with the pole
@Gustavo , yes I usually wait a while when I first get a plant to repot, unless it's called for immediately.
@JesssJungle can you believe in the beginning I was told the contrary and used to repot EVERYTHING immediately? Took me months to learn this. Greg helped me a lot. I only ask the person/place I’m buying from or receiving from if the pot is for delivery only or is more resistant - if it’s a good plastic pot, no reason to traumatize the plant so soon. Thankfully I didn’t lose anyone due to this lol
@Gustavo , I too have learned SO MUCH from this app and the awesome people on it!! ☺️ It's so wonderful. Everyone is so willing to help & share tips and encouragement.