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#GregFeedback #gregteam is it possible to have a drafts tab or an option to save a post before “exiting” the page to create a post? It’s kind of tedious when typing a LONG post and either accidentally hitting the x at the top left and then all my text is gone or app crashes and then I have to re-write everything 😭😭

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I have a notepad on my phone! And if there’s a long message I use that and then copy and paste
Hey this is a great suggestion! I jump on board with this one! 😎🙌🏼
Greg app was written on a potato.
@Kwanna noo greg is still a fairly new app and the team works super hard making it perfect!
@Kwanna I disagree! There are many plant apps out there that are not as advanced when it comes to bringing a social platform and plant care in one place.

As @annapop said, Greg is only a few years old. With how dedicated the team is and how positive and non-confrontational they are when it comes to feedback such as these, they’re very professional and friendly. That is what sets Greg apart from others, with respect 😁🌱
@jcPlantProper Yes! I’ve been trying to remember to do this! 😅
@kscape awesome response 😬 and yeah I have a Greg note thing and just use that. If I start typing something long I’m like ehhhh and remember the notes
@Kwanna Greg is still pretty new tbh. I’m my experience they’ve been really great at taking our feedback into account and it’s already come a long way in the relatively short time I’ve been using it!
Greg is a god-send literally my favorite app. The team works so hard and they’ve done so much considering that this app is still a baby!! 😳

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