Posted 3w ago by @jusi1020

Just wanted to share my Christmas cactus! I'm new to the app but have recently become plant obsessed! I am the fourth generation to care for this plant so it holds a special place in my heart! My mom named her Jazzy!🀍
She’s so pretty and full! It’s a first I’ve seen such a mature, and gorgeous Christmas cactus! 🌡😍

Welcome to #Greg! This community is so friendly and helpful when it comes to our plant friends, so you’re in good (green) Thumbs! 🀭
#Goals Awesome job you #AwesomePlantParent !!
Welcome!!!!!! We're so happy to have you and your incredible Christmas cactus!
Thank you all!! I can't take all the credit but she definitely makes me a proud #plantmom
4th gen. THAT is awesomesauce. Imagine all she’s seen and heard. 🫢

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