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Added a new carnivorous plant to my collection: a Cape Su...

Added a new carnivorous plant to my collection: a Cape Sundew! ✨
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5ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
😍😍😍😍 What a Beautiful Cale Sundew!! Cannot wait to see Sunshine get Massive!!!
She’s a beauty!!!! 😍
Very pretty photo and plant!!
Looks great! Still wanting to get me one!
This makes me want one, so beautiful!!
@JesssJungle thank you!
@JesssJungle @nila @Macstracks @Sethmcd.plants @itsjordan
I so love Cape Sundews, they are my guards on sentry duty to stop any flying insects!
I started with just a few but they keep propagating ! @LaSiguanaba
@Seymour wow you have so many! They’re so beautiful. This is my first! Any tips to help it thrive?
@Seymour 😱😱😱😍😍😍 Look at those beauties man! WOW!!
@Seymour Okay that’s it! My birthday is this week, therefore I MUST spoil myself with a new plant, and I think for my first carnivore I’m gonna do a sundewβ€” I absolutely love the way the leaves look, the red is so gorgeous! Stay tuned 😏😏
@Seymour They are SO gorgeous, Seymour 😍!!! I need to pick your brain regarding propagation. I so want more Sundews!!! 🀩
@Nila I knew little about them but all I do is give them lots of light (12 hours full spectrum grow lights) and ensure they always have distilled water in their trays, so constant access to water for the roots.
Occasionally I will give them a feed, eg cockroach πŸͺ³ powder mixed with rehydrated mealworms and use a dropper to leave on leaves. They caught a lot of fungus gnats at one stage.
Definitely an occasional feed gives the a boost.
Some people cut the flower stalks but I love the lovely purple flowers and then drop seeds everywhere some call them the weed of CPs)
If not already, just join #cpclubthursday , I may even focus on SunDews this week as I have seen some lovely ones @LaSiguanaba )
Your Cape Sundews looks lovely and healthy so you are well on your way. If I can help at all, just add my handle @Seymour somewhere.
Enjoy 😊 (one of the photos also show a forked sundew that just happened to grow in a VFT pot?!?
Enjoy, their leaves are cool and I think this iPhone does Timelapse?
@itsjordan Jordan, if you can wait a week or so, I could send you a Greg Plant Store VFT? For your birthday and being so cool on Greg. But for privacy reasons we may need to get the address on a Reddit DM. Just let me know as I also want to try Greg Plant Store but can’t buy anything for Australia, only US πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»
@Seymour Whaaaat, are you sure?? I don’t have Reddit, but I do have discord!
@itsjordan cool Jordan, unfortunately (or fortunately) most of my CP Greg friends already have CPs (maybe I’m a bad influence πŸ˜‚) so I would love to send you a Greg Store VFT. I would only ask that if you can, provide me some feedback as I want to know how good the information on Greg Plant Store is as I think it needs some twikking.
I just need to wait until I have the funds to buy it (hence I can’t get it to you for your birthday mich as I would love to do that)
So your a Taurus, I have good friend who are a bit bullish (if you go along with such things)
I am on the Amigos at Discord but does it have a private chat function? Just need any address ( any) that will get the VFT. I’ve admired your research and interest in Caps for some time.
Anyway if I miss it have a great birthday
@Seymour That would be totally awesome, thank you!! Yes there is a private chat in discord if you add a friend, do you have the link for the amigos discord?
@LaSiguanaba sure pick away if you can find anything there of use.
You may need to be patient as I could have a tinny ear πŸ‘‚ πŸ˜‚
But don’t think I have it all over you, you’re a smart cookie and there is heaps of info. Just come and grab my handle @seymour here or it might be better on Discord or somewhere . I could always create a post that specifically addresses your questions so I can share the love
@LaSiguanaba here is one evidence of my propagation efforts for sundew and Cephalotus
The forked sundew was just lucky happenstance
@Seymour Thanks Seymour!!! I’ll contact you on one of the many new Greg affiliated social media sites. I really do want to learn. ☺️
@Seymour It just blows my mind 🀯 that you know how to do this! How cool it that??? The pictures are lovely.
@LaSiguanaba Jordan and I (see above conversation) look to be going to use Discord DM as I will need Jordan’s address for the VFT.
Just come and let me know what you want me to give you, as I have lots of info and videos, etc sounds like you’re going to test my metal…I mean meddle πŸ˜‚
@nila I would look up California carnivores website and YouTube videos. They have lots of guides on cape sundews.