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Just sharing some pics from this nursery in Seattle! They’ve got some #HappyPlants. This new monstera leaf is huge. Big FLF and umbrella tree, two big greenhouses full of houseplants and one of them has a coffee shop in the middle. Its a little bit of a drive but I might be going back 🙃 if you’re around Seattle check out Swansons Nursery #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Monstera
Some more. It was busy and difficult to get photos without people so I missed the rare stuff and succulents.

This place is so cool.
Me next weekend: Just going out for a coffee… 😁
Hi Luna, I lived in Renton 12 years. Swanson’s has been in North Seattle since I can remember. After moving to Redmond, I enjoyed Molbaks. They have some fun events in the Fall and Winter. I’m in AZ now so I’m learning a new way to garden 🪴
@DesertRainey I heard they’ve been around for awhile. I’ll have to check out Molbaks too! Thanks for the rec. it’s been fun discovering some new places around here along with the plant hobby :)
Add Flower World in Snohomish to your list of wonderful nurseries to visit. I loved it in the Spring! While you’re in Snohomish, go to A & D Peony Farm when they open in Spring. Peonies blooming all over the property, truly breathtaking. Enjoy!
Gorgeous! I could live in that shop haha
@DesertRainey alright that’s on the list too! Thank you 😊
Wow this is beautiful! 🤩
Thanks for sharing!! I'm new to the Redmond area 👋 I've been making a list of nurseries, plant stores and shops around the Seattle area and I already had this one on my list, so I'll Definitely have to check it out!! I'd love to know more about any others that you'd recommend or if you'd like to meet up at one! It would be nice to have some real life plant friends 🌿💚🪴
I'm going to Seattle in October. Staying in the city for 3 days then going to stay with my Aunt in Sequim. Was hoping to find some good shops while I'm there.
@DesertRainey I live in AZ too! #azgreggang
@starfirejem I moved to AZ 2 years ago! I see #azgreggang so I’ll join. If you’ll have a car in Seattle you’ll have more options since all the fun places are scattered about. And Sequim is so pretty. What a fun trip!
@RedRuby Welcome to the East Side! I love Redmond and nearly moved there but got outbid on a place by Marymoor Park (my fav park of all time).

This is undoubtedly on your list already, but my top rec is the Indoor Sun Shoppe in Fremont. It’s an awesome place to buy pots, succulents, and soil mixes. Plus, it puts you in Fremont which has tons to do and half the time there’s a festival nearby. You could make a whole day of going to this place/checking out the Fremont area.

Seattle Plant Daddy is worth a stop while you’re there, it’s nearby. Small boutique place with a cute dog. The owner is a serious collector and it’s worth following him on IG if you’re into rare plants.

If you’re ever Southeast, I’d recommend Kent Hill East Nursery. It’s like a small version of Swansons. They also post restocks on IG.

Forget Me Not is a good store in Seattle too. And now this is getting way too long 😅

I’ve never done a plant meetup around here but have been looking for one! I’ll tag you if I find one to go to!
@ivysaur I would go nuts in a place like that, loveley Koi pond.
I love Swansons, it’s so fun!! I got my rattlesnake calathea, my Syngonium, and a few other favorites of mine there. 😊
i’ve been there before! they have giant fish in the pond there lol!
@philoboi dude… the biggest koi I’ve seen in my life!
@ivysaur same here! 😆
@ivysaur thank you so much for all of the recommendations! I'm looking forward to visiting these places, they all sound really neat and fun! 🌱😍💚 If I ever get the courage to get out and explore I'll let you know!
And yes please tag me if you find something!!

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