Posted 2w ago by @soiledmyplants

my monstera adansonii is really getting its grow on! i don’t know whether to let it keep growing like this or get it hooked up to a pole / trellis.
do you prefer your’s as a trailing or climbing plant? #MonsteraAdansonii #SwissCheeseVine
That is so beautiful 😍
Any tips mine barely has grown
@planntpaarennt i haven’t done anything special really! it’s always been in a bright room but with indirect light and i water everytime the top soil gets dry :)
Your adansonii is so lovely! You could always take a cutting and have both! :) personally mine is a bit of a wild child and isn’t really either 😭
@almanzobean mine at first didn’t seem like it’d climb / trail, this was a real surprise! don’t lose hope!
I love trailing. I notice everyone seems to want climbing lately, but there is something so elegant about a trailing plant.
Why not both?!
I do both, some stems go up a moss pole, they get bigger leaves with extra fenestration along the middle vein and some stems trail
@InerrantChervil i’d love to visualise this! do you have any pics of it on ur profile?
She's so beautiful! I can't wait til mine starts trailing.This is her right now

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