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Soooo a #plantfairy struck again here on Greg! @KrunchyWrap sent me a BEAUTIFUL #plantmail package of #succulents yesterday. A bunch of stuff for me to prop. Sooooooooooo much more than I expected. I need to organize everything and get them on some dirt! I'm going to follow some tips I learned on here and 🀞🏽🀞🏽🀞🏽 everything takes.
Thank you soooooo much @KrunchyWrap for you generosity πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒ± #plantpeoplerock #plantaddict #plantlover #plantsmakepeoplehappy #nycgreggang
Wow! They look really cool! Can’t wait to see them grow 😍
Aww πŸ₯° So sweet! @KrunchyWrap πŸ’š
Omgggg! So many!!
Omg more #PlantMail !!
@ManyLime you're welcome! Thank you as well I wish I would have thought to take photos of what you sent but I was so excited I forgot lol I just stuck them bad mama jamas in water and stared in awwww. 😁 so happy it all made it safely especially since I could barely close the box. Lol anything for q fellow gregger! β™₯︎
WOW good luck!!!
Omg so many!! 🀩🀩
Wow that’s awesome!!!
Wow your going to end up having a million little plants everywhere
I would be overwhelmed. I have some I’ve already been neglecting that I need to put in pots now. Will do that after work today actually
@KrunchyWrap that’s so cool of you. @ManyLime has a bunch of work ahead now. Its going to be so cool once everything starts growing.
@SirLiquorice she sent me some cuttings too I just got so excited I didn't think twice about it. Just plucked then in water with glee. I usually have a butt ton of prop leaves I get from home depot floors. I get so many it's nice to send tk someone who wants them and can care for them bc I lose track of what I have at times. I plan on sending whomever the same i just have to save up for shipping lol
@SirLiquorice I can't wait for her new babes to start growing. Some in there were literally just separated from the leaf and are sooooo wee bitty and cute! I have to put them in a plastic container in hopes they wouldn't get damaged
@SirLiquorice hopefully I can get something growing! Im still working on my succ propping!
@KrunchyWrap yeah that’s cool. I was at rainbow gardens the other day and they even have a sign by the alocasia and similar ones about proplifting. Lol. I guess some people are cutting them right off the plants. I found a succulent cutting on the ground in another area there of some type that I’m not familiar with, so I asked them if they were going to propagate it. But they said I could keep it if I wanted. So I have to plant it in some perlite or something still and try to grow roots. I’ve been slacking on that for days now.
@SirLiquorice yea some people are actually damaging the plants bu just going Gung ho and ripping pieces off and it's frustrating bc I literally just pick pieces off the ground or on the table I try to stay away from the plant so I don't accidentally damage it. It's insane though bc there are so many deformed and won't grow properly bc of how they man handle it. But that us a funny name for it. Lol
I put mine in a container with a lid or just leave them out on the table in shade to do their thing. Would be better if I had then in soil I just forget an don't want to disturb them
@ManyLime I’ve been having good results with using either rabbit hill farms cactus mix and clonex rooting gel. Cut the end at a 45 degree angle and dip it in the clonex gel and then I’ll pot it in either the soilless cactus mix or I will use 100% perlite. Especially if it’s more rot prone the perlite holds some water but not too much. Both methods seem to work so far. There’s so many ways to do it. The bottle technique with cuts in it seems to have been working for everyone with the small leaves. I haven’t tried that yet
Oh my goodness more #PlantMail !? 🀩
I put clear plastic wrap on top of a glass jar and tape around it so it's on tight then slit smalls holes in top to slide the leaves it. I've gotten 100% success from that
Yowza!! Plant people are the VERY BEST!!πŸ’–
@KrunchyWrap Do you have a picture? Sounds like a great idea!
@KrunchyWrap that sounds better using the plastic wrap. Won’t cut into the leaves like cutting slots in a plastic bottle might.
@SirLiquorice yea and also more gently gently removing them, especially if they have little baby rosettes. I haven't tried the bottle method. @TruthfulApricot give me a sec and I'll post an example photo 😊
Holy smokes!!! How exciting and fun! Wishing you all of the propagating success in the world!!!!! 🀞🀞🀞 Can't wait to see updates please @ManyLime and @KrunchyWrap?🌱🌿πŸͺ΄

But I can understand where @SirLiquorice is coming from with feeling slightly overwhelmed with the sheer number of itty, bitty babies to take care of just by first glance at the picture! But when you really think about it, it doesn't take a lot of WORK to successfully takes a lot of PATIENCE to successfully propagate!!!! 😊
@AuntChicken yeah that’s the good thing is those types of plants pretty much do the work or growing roots to reproduce by themselves. I have some that started growing without any help from me at all. So it will definitely be easy to get them growing. Just takes awhile to set everything up
@KrunchyWrap Thanks! Why do that method over the others?
@KrunchyWrap I like that plastic wrap method! I might have to try that!
@ManyLime works everytime for me
@TruthfulApricot I use every method but thus one has, for me, worked everytime

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