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🥫🚨 This is a #TeamCan announcement 🚨🥫

You all know I am an avid spider plant lover and well, it seems to be paying off 🥹

From my research, spider plants can produce babies after about 1 year of maturity, and flowers after 3 - so imagine my surprise when this babe I potted last July is pushing out FLOWERS?! 🌸

Here’s what I’ve noticed about having spiders in cans rather than in pots:

🌱🥫 The size and shape of the tin cans are perfect for ready to pot baby spiders. The cans are 2 - 3 inches across, but about 4-8 inches down. A snug pot around the roots gives the tightness they need for producing babies, but there’s depth for the plant to grow down and strengthen itself

🌱🥫 The can itself is definitely doing something for these guys - the metal leeching nutrients in to the soil is doing good. No other spider plant I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot over the years) has EVER done as well as these guys have. The rate of growth is really quite remarkable. I am an avid terracotta pot person, and the only reason #TeamCan even started was because I didn’t have pots small enough for the spider babies I was given and now look!!

🌱🥫 To make sure everything’s okay, I just spin the pots once every few weeks to check for any rust or problems - and I’ve not had a bother at all since potting them all last July/August time. Especially the cans designed to hold liquids - old tins of tomatoes cans, the Diet Coke can etc all seem to be holding up really really well

These two photos were taken just today, one this morning and one this afternoon, I can’t quite believe it really 🥹

Wash out those old tins and hammer some holes in the bottom for any spider plants you ever have. Honestly don’t know how to get more of y’all on this train, it’s changed my spider plant game forever - what other plants do we have in Team Can these days?! Show me your best ones!! 🥫🥫🥫

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2” pot with drainage
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I have one plant part of #TeamCan so I qualify to say congrats
@Nallon awesome and informative post, thank you 🥰
I've got one spider in a tin can so far, have a Bonnie Curly spider I'm about to can up and some tiny spider babies who would probably do well in a tin can. Busy day, plants to re-pot, water etc. 🌱🌿💛
FLOWERS?! That’s incredible! I had to move mine to the top of the fridge to keep Tequila from eating it. Im so excited for your flowers!!!
@Hypsie I know, and there’s 3 other buds and two babies on the same shoot!! I am shocked!
You should plant your next baby up for Tequila… the babe just likes their plant friend 😎🌱🤣
Wow! Thanks for sharing your info. I don’t have a Spider at the moment but will be getting one soon.
@tango 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Congrats!!! I’m going to have to get a paint can for mine… 😂 But I’ll try it, since as soon as the pup started growing the stalk suddenly died and took the pup with it. 🥲
@tango honestly, @Hypsie turned an old popcorn can in to a pot!! It’s made a world of difference to my spiders so go for it !!! 🌱🌸
@Nallon will do!!! 😁
@ABCD you following me around? 😂
@Nallon Oh that huge tin.. I ended up recycling it when I moved, sadly. But I literally ordered coffee in a can after my daughter tried to kill me with decaf. I am bad at sizes, so again it’s huge! Lol
@Hypsie oh no!!! Well, first, death before decaf, and it’ll be perfect when you get through it!! 🤣
@Nallon Which will happen pretty quickly #coffeeislife

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