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1 week of flush and timber!! She smells tasty πŸ”₯πŸŒ³πŸ’¨ #harvest #GregGang #HappyPlants #GrowLights
@plantsnweeds Wow she looks beautiful. It has been like 8 years since I've grown my own. I so desperately miss it but can't fine any seeds and if you do find some they aren't worth a fuck. Good job dude keep the kitties purring
Goddamn man that is one gorgeous plant! Pray it gets legalised here in Australia for me πŸ˜…
@plantsNweeds I lived in Lakeside. It's so beautiful in the Flathead. Just bought my first house in Glendive which is the opposite side. I am originally Jersey. In 2017 went to visit my cousin and that's all it took. The most beautiful state in the Republic πŸ’š I might need your keeping them warm in our Winters skills. Beautiful plant
@HoyaAddict will do! πŸ™
It’s a miracle plant if not abused. ❀️
@AmusingEndive such a beautiful place❀️❀️❀️
I had them indoors in a tent all winter and now in the garage in a bigger tent. It’s a pain in the ass keeping them happy in a tent but I do it somehow lol. Small Exhaust system, space heater only in extreme cases, blackout blankets, and fans. It’s all cheaper then the corner stores!
@plantsNweeds 100% agree!

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