Posted 2d ago by @lemrobs

Had a little repotting party today!

I got these new planting mediums and couldn’t wait to try them out. Have any of you used these? They’re from Kenny Grew It, on Etsy or he has a website.

I have been excited to try pon as I expand my #semihydroponics collection and obviously had to get his other soil also. You know I’ll report back how I like them!

Not pictured was also a #Ficus tineke in “the chonk” soil.

That little #PhilodendronBrasil prop graduating from water just slays me 🥹
#HappyPlants #RepotSeason #PlantAddict #PhiloFlock #AglaonemaAddicts #Pilea #PlantAddict #PLANTMAFIA #FicusGang
Looks good!! Definitely let me know how that Brasil transitions!!
@sarahsalith How is your Lola doing? Mine is surviving, but has had more yellow leaves than I feel like it should, and hasn’t been growing very quickly. I’m hoping this soil may make it happier.
@lemrobs mine is doing GREAT! I've had two flowers and nothing but pink leaves! Let me get a picture.
I don't do anything special for it- it sits about 7 feet from a west window in a bright room. I water it when it's dry.
@sarahsalith oh yay! She’s looking wonderful, thank you for sharing!

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