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Will mixing pothos props help growth?

Was moving in together a mistake?
I have two lil Pearls and Jade pothos props I’ve been struggling to grow, but my neon pothos prop is growing like gangbusters, so I put the lil guys in with the neon, in the hopes the magical rooting powers of the pothos will be greater than the sum of their parts. Was that a bad idea, or will it potentially help? I’m out of ideas for the P&Js…it’s been non stop drama since May. They aren’t dead yet though, so I just keep trying stuff…. Advice is much appreciated #Propagation #PropExperiments
0ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
I mixed some brasil with heartleaf and some marble with heartleaf and they started doing better. Maybe it was because I wasn't over caring for the ones in a poor state anymore and continued a normal watering routine since they were partnered with the healthier knees... maybe they just needed a little pep talk/pick me up from a distant cousin.. who knows. I just know it worked.
@KrunchyWrap hahah I thought the same…hoping for relative camaraderie, or some healthy competition - either way I count on some improvement πŸ˜‚ we shall see…: