Posted 2w ago by @Crissnell42

Hello plant family so I did a thang the other day I went to the farmers market for fruits and vegetables and came home with these so happy but I got to stop #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #PlantID #PlantMommy
You came home with so many gorgeous plants 🪴 Happy growing.
Thanks I don’t even have room but I’ll make it work
Ahh, yes beautiful! Is that SOB? 💚 It’s gorgeous and blooming? Wow, never seen those blooming before.
@AguaViviente thanks , I wasn’t sure of what type of plant it was
Ohhh, I get this one confused with Crassula perforata and Crassula rupestri. I believe your 3rd picture is Crassula rupestri💚
OORRRR… Crassula ‘Kebabd Bush’ or ‘Spring time’ 🫠 so many varieties

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