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'Tis the season, y'all! Fall is officially around the corner and here in zone 7b - I could not be more excited! Bring on the cooler weather!!

We have to get the #chestnuts before the deer get them!
#OutsidePlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #EdiblePlants #PlantAddict #PlayingWithPlantsInsteadOfWorking #SortaAFarmer 😉
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What a great photo representation of the chestnut "hatching". I see little feet there soaking up Mommas knowledge and enthusiasm for all things that grow. Takes me back many many years to when mine were youngish. Pecans were everywhere in Texas. Thanks for sharing. Really made me feel 😊 🤣 happy.
@sarahsalith That is so neat, I love chestnuts 🌰, roasted, purée-ed delicious 😋
Oooo! This is so exciting! 🌰🍂✨
@Stall54Jo I hope they hold on to some of these memories ... even though chestnuts don't taste very good! 😉
@Ms.Persnickety you sound like you know what you're talking about! Do you have any recipes you can share? All I know how to do is roast them and sprinkle them with sugar. 🫣
@sarahsalith Well, I’ll have to check, my Mom used to make a very good chestnut purée, but her recipe were all in German. Let me see if I can find something in english for you. Btw in Portugal there where Street vendors that would roast chestnuts but they would put Salt on them.
@sarahsalith Here are some different recipes some of them look mouth watering delicious
@sarahsalith And since you’re obviously using fresh chestnuts here is a tip on how to remove both the outer and inner skin: How to prepare chestnuts. To peel fresh chestnuts, rinse, then make a nick in the skin on the flat side of each and simmer in a pan of water for 15 minutes or roast in the oven for 15 minutes. Then peel, taking care to remove both the outer shell (quite easy) as well as the inner brown membrane (trickier). If you don’t remove the inner membrane your purée will be bitter!
@sarahsalith I also found a YouTube video that might help with the peeling; but it’s an Italian recipe they use Olive oil it’s a matter of taste I like butter better.
@Ms.Persnickety yes- I invested in a really nice chestnut scoring tool. Those little nuts are hard to hold still when I score them.

I've also learned to soak them and see which ones sink and which ones float. The ones that float have been enjoyed by bugs.
@sarahsalith I see you’ve had experience so nothing should go wrong 😑
They look so good!😊
Oh!! This link is wonderful!! Thank you @Ms.Persnickety!
@sarahsalith I hope you get the chance to try some of those recipes.
I like the fuzzy shell the chestnuts apparently come in!
@Lithopslover those. things. HURT!! They are AWFUL! 😂
@sarahsalith oh chestnuts are the cacti of seeds? They look like@they’d be soft :(
I’m in zone 6a, have to say I’m jealous of your outdoor season
They look so good 😭😭😭 do you sell by any chance?? I would love to buy some from you
@Annasea Castanea mollissima are edible. The majority of the trees are in fact Chinese chestnuts. They are more resistant to the fungus that wiped out the American chestnuts.

A few years back we did extensive research on the trees so we knew what we had on the property. They are Chinese chestnut trees and the nut (if roasted correctly) is pretty good.
@EminentSweetsop I GIVE them away! All I'd ask you to do is pay shipping.
Girl you have me remembering Christmas time with my grandfather right now! How amazing is your yard 😍😍

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