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I got this pot today in a buy one get one free sale! The second picture is the pot I got to repot my pencil cactus, pictured after I had finished repotting and with bonus orange boi! I am thinking I would like to fill it with pretty succulents, especially as it is already hotter than the hinges of hades and dry as all get out to boot. Give me all your fun suggestions!! #SucculentSquad #NewPotWhosThis #CatsOfGreg #RepotSeason #WhatTheSuccWednesday #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
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@malobee how about doing a fairy garden 😁
Might I suggest growing San Pedro Cactus in it?πŸ’«βœ¨οΈπŸ€”
Love the kitty. He looks so cute like he's saying, "You gonna open the damn door or what" gotta love it.
@Stall54Jo that is, in fact, exactly what he wanted haha πŸ˜‚
@malobee how big is the pot?
Hot you say? Send some this way. Here in SW Ohio I’ve had to cover the vegs I planted last weekend almost every night cause of night temps getting down into the lower 50s and even mid 40s. Never had to before this early in the season. Beautiful cat! Funny how all cats get that look of haughty entitlement!
How about euphorbia milii? Your ✏️ 🌡 looks happy in its new pot and orange kitty is adorable 🐱
@malobee Maybe some different colored sempervivums??

Love the kitty!!!

It has been so hot here, and my upstairs A/C has been broken since mid April. 😭
@FirstCanna 13” diameter and just over that in height.
@AC73LoveCats yeah my mum lives in Boston, and this past week it has gotten cool and rainy again and all her planting needed extra protection. Cats are the funniest! They think everything should be their way. πŸ₯°
@MariansOasis thank you! I love my cactus, but I love the cute orange guy most. 😁The color of that plant would look nice in the color of the pot. :)
I would do some hens and chicks and a few cacti @malobee
@Bunny413 this is what I was thinking too! :3 I think the different colors would look so cute. I hope your AC is fixed soon 😒 πŸ™
These are what I did this year... @malobee
@FirstCanna I like the idea of including a couple cacti in with the colorful sempervivum!
@malobee it may take a little while for them to take off but they will and they will be beautiful 😍
Up close @malobee
@YammieOf3 omg that's too cute
@YammieOf3 oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing!