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I saw someone else found a rare plant at their Kroger so I decided to run by mine after work just in case. Nothing rare but they had these MASSIVE spider plants for $11 I couldn't resist 🀯 and covered in baby spiders too. My prior spider plant has struggled through life and has remained barren πŸ˜‘ pictured together for comparison. My prior spider is still recovering from his recent repot so he looks especially rough πŸ™„ he acts more like one of my FLF than a spider tbh, so dramatic! Time to read up on propagating these baby spider plants! #plantaddict #spiderplant
7” pot
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awesomeeeeee βœ…
@Katrinabrown86 πŸ’–
Wow that is massive. I’ve been growing my little ones for close to a year and they got big but not anywhere close to that. Those have different leaf patterns also. More green. Or wider green strips in a he center. Looks cool with those broad leaves.
If you see the little root bulbs or whatever they’re called on the pups then you can easily get it to grow roots. I put one in a small glass jar of distilled water and let it grow roots until they were too long for the jar almost. It was one of those small standard spice size jars of cinnamon. It was just the right size the plant wouldn’t fall in but not too big. It easily grew roots just sitting in water and periodically adding more distilled water if needed. Then I repotted into thunderhead potting mix in a 4” size pot approx. It was a pup that survived a bad freeze somehow when everything else died. All the pups and the mother plant died except this one pup. It just grew its first pup recently and the pup is about the size it used to be when I found the dead plant it was attached to in a friends yard.
It will be so easy for you to propagate those babies. They already seem to do the work on their own naturally. You’ll have fun experimenting
$11?! Whewww! That’s a find! πŸ’š
@BuoyantFord what a great find. I don’t blame you for $11.
@SirLiquorice wow your spider is so luscious and it's curls are beautiful! Thank you for the tips on the pups ✌️
Wow. That’s a steal !!! Nice going !!!

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