Posted 3w ago by @kris10nicolee

I got a new one today!! not to sure what it is. #plantaddict
Looks like a house leek. I'm not sure if there's a special name.

How are the VFT doing?
Yes, definitely a hens&chicks /house leek. Sempervivum.
@sarahsalith idk girl. they're currently inside under growlights doing plant rehab. they seem deformed now. idk if it's gonna make it. my big one I paid all together 80$ for!!! so yeah I'm a little upset about it
I'm hoping they pull through. Keep the soil wet and give them as much light as you can. I thought mine were dead during the winter and they bounced right back. So even if they look bad, take care of them because as long as the roots are good, they should recover. πŸ€žπŸ’š
Chicks n hens for sure!!!

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