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Poor baby only has 1 leaf left! πŸ˜– #hoyapubicalyx #sadplant #plantmom #plantlove
10ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
how dry is the soil?
): I'm so sorry. If I could send you some of mine- I would!
it looks super dry. if so, I would put it in a bowl and fill the bowl up with about an inch of water. see if the pot sucks the water up, if it does refill then bowl until it stops drinking the water.

sometimes when we have plants that do get watered as often the soil starts to stop absorbing water and the plant can't really drink. Bottom watering or #ButtChug ing as we call it, the method described above, can be super useful for plants that go a while between waterings like Hoyas.
As @RJG suggested but you could check the roots. You may need to propagate in water or (my favorite) perlite
@RJG I watered it the day before
to root the plant again. ( sorry sent to early)
It came damaged and wasn't in good health. I was seeing how long it would last.
@SunnyAmber17 I would try to propagate. You may get some root growth. I have managed to get Hoyas to grow from a wet stick but attached is the leaf so better change of success.
@Gordo I’m with you (both) and the only surviving leaf is in perlite
@SunnyAmber17 same sad story. Don’t wait!
Thank you @RJG @Gordo and @Ales for your help! 😊
@SunnyAmber17 Glad to!
@SunnyAmber17 my pleasure