Posted 3w ago by @Abbyfosterlikesplants

Watering day for big mama! I think she is trying to take over my house with her size and babies πŸ‘Ά but she sure is beautiful 😍. #HappyPlants #SpiderPlant #spiderettes #growbabygrow
How did you get her to grow so big πŸ’š
I think I just found a really good sunny spot right next to a window she loves πŸ’œ other than that nothing been so easy! Just water when Greg says and I have repotted her 2x now since I got her from nursery almost 2 years ago. @Breathepeace
What a beauty!!! And those babies!!🀩🀩🀩
I just got some cuttings and babies of this the other day. Can’t wait to have a Big Mama of my own. She’s big and beautiful 🀩 πŸ’—πŸ’š
is this just one plant in the pot or two? i know people will sometimes plant two spiders next to eachother to make them look more full, id love to grow mine that big but hes just so spindly!
So beautiful Abby! Once ready, what is your process for propagating her babes?

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