Posted 2w ago by @Planthoader

#HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #BirdsNestFern can someone please what on greens fern are these white things hanging here? I sprayed with been oil yesterday and it didn’t tonight them!! Shoul I take tweezers and take them off?!?!
4” pot
Last watered 31 minutes ago
Well now, I just found out that these are Lacewing Eggs. They are actually good bugs! They eat the bad bugs!! Beneficial to your plants 💚🪴💚🪴💚🪴
@AnnMarie420 well, okey dokey!! Hopefully I didn’t hurt them then! Was in a panic! Thank you!
@Planthoader no problem! Before yesterday I would have done the same thing!! They look so Alien 👽 😂

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