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#SpiderPlant The real mvp of the summer though… Franny, my spider plant. First pic is her earlier this year looking frail, thinning out, not thriving. Second pic is from today, after I brought her in from her first summer outside under a shady south-facing porch. Her leaves have widened, and deepened in color tremendously and she outgrew her pot with roots shooting out the bottom! Third pic is her very first runner, where she will hopefully make her own babies! My baby’s growing up 🥲❤️
Spider plants really bask in love and will do well for you. Yours looks beautiful. As soon as potbound they start in with making flowers and babies. Enjoy!
@AC73LoveCats thank you! Most of us need a comfy, safe space before taking a leap to the next phase of life so that’s something I understand! ❤️

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