Posted 4M ago by @RJG

hey look #GregGang more room for plants! my new floating shelves mean i can better take advantage of the grow light and the light coming in our front window!
cant wait for all these to trail down and fill in!! #PlantShelfie #PhiloFlock #TradescantiaTroupe #HappyPlants #GrowLights #HangingPlants
I was just thinking I might be approaching the capacity of my window sills. That’s some encouraging inspo. Thanks!
that looks like such a comfy and relaxing place- perfect to do some reading if you like books, if not perfect to cuddle up with bea :) i like your llama/horse pot lol
@strawberrymoon Just wait till all the plants trail downπŸ₯°
@RJG that would be so pretty- i kinda want to hang stuff like variegated soh and manjula pothos outside my window along with some wind chimes, i don’t have any traily guys rn but i’m starting to see the appeal lol
@Seven these are your cool shelves w the bracket that make it super easy to mount
Oooh that one plant gets to look in the mirror all day. 😝
I love it!!

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