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I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the saddest tree outside today! I’m in the DMV so there’s lots of talk about cherry blossoms and magnolias, but this first tree just doesn’t meet the high expectations I had! Second tree is from a walk I took this weekend!
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Omg bless it, it's blossoming despite everything 🤗💕💖
Omggggg I wish I could see the cherry blossoms! I was JUST talking about them! 😭
@kscape c'mon up Plant Sis!!
@AwesomePlants I would absolutely love to honestly!! Id love to meet you, @ManyLime & @MrsSmith 💖
That tree is trying. Bless its heart. It’s definitely trying to stay with the city. Come on, little guy! You can do it!
Gotta give it an A for effort! It’s trying ❤️
Hope no one ever chops it down!
Charlie Browns cherry 🍒 blossom tree
I think it’s so sweet! My favorite one! (And whoever tried to dead head it like that should be arrested.) 🌸🌸🌸
I actually like the Charlie Brown cherry blossom Christmas tree in the first pic. Amazing that it can look so bad and still kinda good at the same time. That’s the positive mindset we all need. Life can be rough and you can have these battle scars from abuse and neglect, yet it’s still flowering like everything is ok. Like it’s saying look I’m still pretty. It almost looks like an art piece someone made on purpose. I kinda want that tree now.
@SirLiquorice Same, I would have that tree in a shot if I could. 💕😍
My daughter lives there and the trees are a sight to behold.
The cherry blossoms here are in bud. I can’t wait for them to blossom. Northeast Pennsylvania. Not quite spring yet
It’d be cool if you took a picture of that Charlie Brown tree every year for 20 years lol 😂
Yes can’t wait until they blossom 🌸🌸