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Missy is pushing out new stunning leaves for #freshleaffr...

Missy is pushing out new stunning leaves for #freshleaffriday🤗🌱

And oh the pinkness on Cora's #newgrowth🤩

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3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@MockingJay happy plant happy dance! 🙌🏻😉
They are gorgeous leaves!!
I am just absolutely in awe of your Calatheas every time you post them. 💚 Beautiful.
@CourtlyKingfern, @JesssJungle thank you😊💚🪴
These are beautiful! I didn’t think i could love calatheas more
Those leaves are sooooo pretty omg
@MockingJay Absolutely Gorgeous they both are, I love the Stella White Fusion mine is my Favorite Child Plant hope mine continues to grow as luscious as your Baby is, just Beaut-i-full!
@Daffodils thank you😊
@Lårysgrove I love calatheas too😄 got myself an (unhealty) obsession 😅🪴
@SensationalKoa thank you very much😄 Did you know the Calathea 'Stella' and the Calathea 'White Fusion' is actually two different Calatheas? (Goeppertia)😄
There are almost impossible to tell the difference, but Stella is a newer type. From what I have understood, the White Fusion is white with green, while the Stella is green with white and have a more "feather-like" apperance😄🤓
I know @PlantJedi have a beautiful Calathea 'Stella'🤩
@MockingJay yes I did and I have a Stella yours looks like one too as in a Stella there is two green tone colors and white with purple under leaf tone and yours has the two green tones too like mine yet here on Greg it identifies as a white fusion just like yours did yet yours looks like mine a Stella, too.
@MockingJay I guess your referring to the leaf shape like a feather and yes that’s what mine has, nonetheless this particular Calathea is the best of the bunch I believe and all of them are beautiful yet this one gets the golden star ⭐️ in my opinion.
@MockingJay this is my “Bella” she is still quite young and I just re-potted her two weeks ago our weather has been very damp and cloudy so she is struggling a bit with some yellowing leaves right now I think the soil I put her in is too nutrient based for her at the moment so I’m watching her like crazy and I ripped one of her leaves last week trying to clean her leaves. I was so angry at myself for that, she very delicate.
@MockingJay I've been seeking advice from at @PlantJedi because Albi B and Bella are photo-op besties of ours to compare, and I seek his advice for Bella because he has had his longer and Albi B is Beautiful with huge leaves and new growth, from his spa baths right @PlantJedi. lol!
@SensationalKoa they are almost the same😄 The white fusion I think have a little more variety i the colours, mine actually have 4 different greens on them.
The feather-like look I was refering to the coloration. Not so easy to explain🙈 but maybe you see it on the attached pic. One is a typical Stella other is white fusion.

I see you have a Stella, it has more of the dark green color. But oddly not that much of the feather-like look. But as you also might notice, you have white on the inside of the green on some leaves, and that will normally not happen to the white fusion 😄
@SensationalKoa your Bella is beautiful😄

I have actually just started to use a "silic boost" on my calatheas. And the white fusion is really responding well to it! The leaves gets much stronger and glossy🌱 and the white doesn't dry out as fast.

It is really scary how fast a little fertilizer might get too much for them🙈
@MockingJay ohhh, that’s good to know to be able to identify, mine has a good mix of both greens different lighting time of day and phone camera, I have several pics of her just those were the quickest I can find, thanks for showing me the comparison, you beauties above are just FAB, you’ll be another I tag for help with Bella because I’m such a new plant mom.
@MockingJay Thank you, and for the tip and comparison shows, I may repot her in different soil mix because I think she struggling in this one Fox Farms with more perlite to which the soil has and orchid bark added, not sure I’m liking this soil for her so if you have suggestions on that, this would be appreciated, too.
@SensationalKoa I actually got some yellowing leaves last time I repotted too, but it was just the old ones so I waited a little and it setteled. And she has since been very happy with the repot😄

I have just used "ordinary" soil (peat soil), mixed with some gravel and crushed leca (instead of perlite)😅. Some of them also have some coco coir mixed in.

And, some of them actually have a tiny earth worm living in their soil😂🪱 (They came with this white fusion actually last fall. It was too cold to throw them outside I thought, so I spread them amongst my plants thinking I would "free" them this spring😂).
They actually do a great job!🪱 They keep the soil airy and gives the plant a small nutrient-boost. I see their castings in the bottom of the outer-pot when I water and I just pour it back in😆🪱
@MockingJay this Fox Farms is earth and sea are you familiar with it, it’s supposed to be one of the best and very expensive yet some of her bottom leaves younger yellowed I had to snip them then, I see more yellowing happening since I put her on this mixture she gets bright indirect light she’s in my bathroom for the most humidity and get evening north window direct sunlight that I can control with my blind window dressing for filtering otherwise it’s bright indirect light, I gave her water today she was a bit moist yesterday and drier today because it’s very hot here today and humid. She hasn’t shown any sign of new growth in new stems but her leaves are a bit bigger since I re-potted her and put her in this soil, I want her to thrive. I hesitated you’re-pot her because I’m so new at this and the sensitive nature they have, and I’m worried about her because I don’t want to lose her. Miguel suggested I put the orchid bark in yet I didn’t know I had took it first and I’m wondering if that’s doing it he said because of its salt content. I just want to do right by her, what is your take on this?
@SensationalKoa I don't know Fox Farms they don't sell it here. But I read a little about it now, it sounds pretty good but might be a little heavy on the nutrients as you say. From the pic you added I think the consistency looks fine.
But just remember they do need some time to settle after repotting as they are divas 💁‍♀️
And be a little careful with watering if it is very humid, they might quickly develop root-rot if they stay too moist🙈 They drink less in humid conditions as they also absorb water through their leaves!🌱
I usually water when top inch of the soil feels dry.

You might try to flush the soil next time you water to try to delute the nutrients in the soil a little. Preferably you should use rainwater or destilled🪴 Flush at least till the water that comes out the drain-holes are clear.

Also mine does not get any direct sun as they burn easily, but I think the Stella tolerate a little more light than the white fusion.
@MockingJay Thank you so much for or all of your information and guidance, much appreciated, also I just watched another video on this soil and it says that with this soil you do less watering because with everything in it, it absorbs. It’s quite interesting yet now I watered her so I hope I didn’t do more damage, I will paste that video here in case your interested to take a look later, I get it from Amazon. Here’s the link and thank you again so much: I hope the volume plays, lol.