Posted 1M ago by @HelpfulCorncob

I’m currently looking to get pink arrowhead plant. I don’t really know if I should, I have heard mixed reviews. Thoughts?? #new #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
I have 3 syngoniums and I love them to death, they’re very easy plants just water when dry and that’s pretty much it they like bright indirect light and they’re happy I totally recommend. They’re all in my oasis!
Don’t be scared! Get whatever plant YOU love. If you love it, you will be more invested in looking after it. Syngoniums are cool plants and pink ones are so cute!
@HelpfulCorncob OMG, this is the opposite of my response to a plant not thriving under my care; I’m always like, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I make this plant happy??”

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