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Will you believe me if I tell you that these two plants came out from the same mother Jade? #Crassula #JadePlant #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #Succulents
Oh my! Started at the same time, I assume. They are so very different! Thanks for sharing!
@TruthfulApricot tbh the plant on the left I propagated from a leaf. The plant on the RIGHT - it is a cutting. But anyway they look different.
It’s amazing they look so different!
I will! I started a bunch of Jade props from leaves back in the spring and most of them are small and silvery in colour with deep burgundy/maroon undersides and then there's one that's MASSIVE in comparison and dark green! Lol 🀷
Amazing!!! Both look so good...🀩🀩
@WickedValkyrie oh yeah. My leaf Jade propagation has that burgundy color undersides.
Was gonna take a pic last night but the sun was already gone and the lighting in the plant room is trash... Lol These all started from the same plant at the same time and for whatever reason there's just this one big ole dark green dude among the bunch while the others stay smol and silvery. Lol

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