Posted 1M ago by @Minnners

I recently had a conversation with my SO and he keeps telling me no more plants…… and then I bring more home and he sees how happy I get watching them grow because I used to literally kill everything so he’s just kinda stopped telling me no more plants 😂 I think the biggest turning point for him was seeing my coleus start as just cuttings and now it’s so big I’m scared we’re top heavy!

First pic/plants cover photo was right after moving it to soil vs today (and this was after it jumping off my counter in protest to its new pot)
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
I'm so glad that you get so much happiness and that your SO sees it. We are lucky you and I @Minnners mine is same way..Tells his friends he lives in the jungle 😃 😀

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