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hii sorry for the inactivity ive been very tired !! school has been super tiring :( i’m back for a little bit and pickle says hi #SucculentSquad
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@cjred hey bro i missed you !!
@strawberrymoon hey hey hey we miss you too here! Yah very busy these days πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
@cjred yea i heard sg lowered the restrictions(?) so i assume you’re back to irl work haha
@strawberrymoon yes! Back pre pandemic haha and now full people and tourists πŸ˜‚
@cjred yall already got a travel bubble with another country while most of us in jp haven’t even gotten the 3rd vaccine dose lol, sg really do be moving fast!! it must be really crowded tho haha
@strawberrymoon missing sakura season in jp!
@cjred it’s over already :(( but it’s becoming wisteria season !! here’s some sakura pics from about a month ago
Little Warty is so cute 😊. Hi.
@Pegster hi!! and hehe yes gasterias are my favorite :)
Hi pickle! πŸ‘‹
@HpflHeart aww lol, pickle is one of my fave plants!! she’s not in my room like my other favorite children but she makes me happy whenever i see her in the living room <3
@strawberrymoon She’s a cutie patootie!
@HpflHeart she loves you too!!!
Hi pickle!
@TheDandiestLion she says hi!!! her newest leaf was bigger today :D also your doggo is super cute
@strawberrymoon heck yea to new growth! Thank you πŸ₯° he's a dork

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