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I stole this Tradescantia chrysophylla cutting from my boyfriend’s grandma lol…

She has a habit of overwatering and killing TONS of plants, so I decided to *hopefully* make something out of this little guy!

I’m poor atm so pls don’t judge my #PropagationStation but I decided to place it in a water bottle and it has been sitting under a grow light for about 2 weeks.

This is my first time propagating a Tradescantia chrysophylla and I’m not so familiar with how to propagate in water, but when will it be ready to repot? TIA 🪴🤗💕

Also, any tips on how to take care of one? Will this work? #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #GrowLights #Tradescantia #Propagation #WaterPropagation
Is it truly stealing amongst plant people? 😏

Also, your prop station is perfect. 😘
@malobee you’re amazing 💕
Typically when the cutting has a couple inches of good root it is ready for potting. These plants are akin to succulents so let them dry a bit between waterings. Anything that holds water can be a prop station so nothing to be ashamed of!
@tmbryant37 thank you so so so much! 😌💕 would you say wait at least a month? What do you think of the current length of those roots?
When propping anything I like to wait until they're about 4" long and the "roots have roots"... You may be able to plant that now, but I'd wait a little longer just in case because those roots look so delicate. But that's just my opinion. 🖤
The roots you have look okay, but the reality is that the longer you wait the better off you are, so if you have the patience to give it another month or so and maybe let it develop one more thicker root tou should be golden. If you need to plant it now for space or other reasons it looks like it is at a point where it will survive and grow.
@WickedValkyrie thank you sm! 🤗🪴💕
@tmbryant37 awesome! I will keep this in mind as well for future props! 🤗🪴
Any time (:

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