Posted 4d ago by @AguaViviente

Me spending 40mins trying to find a post I saw 2 mins ago. (Like please tag me lol I had something to comment) #GregFeedback #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #PlantTherapy
What was the post about?
Sometimes what I do is if I can remember at least one hashtag from it for example, #TradescantiaTroupe, I tap on it then scroll through the recent posts, then it comes up.

There’s also a chance the person deleted the post
🀣 I feel ya! I've done that more than I'll admit. 😁
@sarahsalith like that one time when you only found it because I liked your comment… πŸ˜‚
@tango YES!! Exactly!
@ABCD I’ve tried that too and failed πŸ˜…
@tango haha, @sarahsalith mhmm!!!! I’m just hoping that I see it again so I won’t forget lol

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