Posted 2d ago by @CalitoCarolina

Loving the yard & 🌞Vitamin D #SpringIntoSummer #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewGrowth #PlantTherapy We are all loving and appreciating what Coastal North Carolina is offering us. 🌞 🌧 just happy all around.
Funny story about the 🐘 Ears. A client I sold a house to had these all over the garden bed and was going to dig up and get rid of. Nope I said I’ll take them and dig them up for you. Now I have them and their happy.
The elephant ears look great! I’ve been wanting to get some, they’re so cool.
@Colin I love’em. Their so forgiving and come back each year. Good for me because sometimes “not” so green thumb 🙀
Elephant Ears are my favorites!! My Grammy and Papa had a huge EE plant and I loved it so much!! I love the Alocasias but the Colocasias are my absolute favorites.

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