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#gregpsa #protip If you live in an area that uses chloramine, leaving water out overnight will do nothing at all. Chloramine does not dissipate, however you can use aquarium water conditioners to remove it! (Source: my science teacher FIL)
@sarahsalith I did the thing. Limited characters didn't leave much room to actually explain things, but I did my best (:
Yes! And the aquarium water conditioner is a GREAT fix! I use it in a pinch when I have to refill my rain buckets.
Some more words direct from my FIL: Chlorine Cl2 will pass in and out of water according to concentration...Chloramine is a different critter and won't move by diffusion. NH2cl or NHCl2. The ammonia group holds onto the Cl much tighter than Cl2 gas. Look at your dechlorinator label (edit: that's the aquarium conditioner I mentioned, folks) it should mention removal of chloramine.

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