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Good evening,

A tiny bit of backstory - it’s relevant, promise!

I’m a certified teacher and a mom to two elementary kids. I teach #STEAM at their school and also coach a competitive robotics club. We have our big competition tomorrow - two teams, 23 kids.

I’m good with kids but this is all new to me - first year in this position and first year coaching this club (I actually created it from the ground up as the campus hadn’t had it, and I get almost no help).

SOOOO SHOW ME PRETTY PLANTS AND OTHER HAPPY THINGS TO FILL MY CUP TOMORROW when I feel my anxiety rising or feel like I can’t do this.

Also accepting kitties, fancy looking drinks (coffee or alcohol or both!), and anything else that’s cute or sweet or adorably vulgar and hilarious.

Freya being...well, Freya.

But also: have confidence, girl!! This competition is a culmination of fierce drive, sheer force of will, and a passion for what you do. Let THAT fill your cup for you when you feel anxious. YOU made this. YOU got them that far. Believe in YOU. ❤️ of course you can do this: you already have.
I have plenty of Gremlin and Carl pictures to chase the stress and strife away, always a good time for puppers~ 😌💕
This is Tiger. He’s a spoiled cat who is bossy and acts like a dog lol.
A giggle for you
@MissBrittney love those!!
No cute pets, just the friggin chicken from yesterday and my cup of sanity before the day starts. (:

I remember doing Odyssey of the Mind  and Destination Imagination when I was a kid, then when I was an adult, I helped with local teams and became a judge! (I should look into that again....)

It can be stressful (albeit not as stressful as a chicken wreaking havoc in your house) but you are REALLY making a difference in those kids' lives!

You're helping them make memories and bonds with other kids and they can change the world!

Or be like me and hang out with my plants and check Greg each day -- same difference. 😉
a few photos of sutton (and a couple memes, i couldnt resist) to calm your nerves. hope everything’s well!