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My little #PlantCorner 🌿✨

Everything in this picture was less than $5 (including cuttings πŸ˜‰, minus the grow lightπŸ’€)
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Dariana!! It’s so pretty and cozy!! I love the assortment of vases. Very nice. And your plants look fantastic!
@TJphilobsessed I’m about to make a post about my Dollar Tree finds for #PlantingOnABudget! 😊✨
@kscape yay!! I cant wait. I’m all about the Dollar Tree and saving $$$$!!
Looks good. And speaking of grow lights. The Walmart grow lights were surprisingly cheap and work great. But now I haven’t seen them in stock anymore. I will try to send pics of the boxes of my lights #PlantingOnABudget
Only problem is the harsh glare that the big Walmart lights give out. I keep these in a closet so it’s not a problem for me but I wouldn’t use the lights for other areas. Only if used in the closet or grow box. But the plants grow very well under that light. Especially this desert rose and Madagascar palm. They grow better under the lights in the closet than they do outside. The heat and sun seems to be too harsh right now. Under the grow lights they come out looking much better
@SirLiquorice Thank you so much for this recommendation! Yes, great for small areas where you’ll have plant stands, cabinets or props. No open areas! Do you have a link?
Great Value LED Plant Grow Light, 30W 4 Foot Plug-in Fixture, Non-dimmable, Large Plant Light, 1-Pack
Great Value LED Plant Grow Light, 20W 2 Foot Plug-in Fixture, Non-dimmable, Large plant Light, 1-Pack
These light are pretty inexpensive for how good they are
Only problem is Walmart seems to be out of stock right now. But hopefully they will get more.

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