Posted 2w ago by @Ronimac5

Saved this Golden Pathos from the clearance at home depot (where they send plants to die). Today as I was watering her I noticed new growth.
That's LOTS of new growth! (:
@sarahsalith I also give my plants rice water once a week so it might be that but i’m not 100% sure 😁 i’m just excited she’s growing now
@Ronimac5 are you serious? The water that the rice is washed in?

Tell me more!!
@sarahsalith Yes! So I either take the water the rice is washed in or I let some rice sit in water and just use that. Then as I bottom water my plants I make sure to dump some rice water in there too!
@Ronimac5 okay- I'm going to start doing that. My husband is Laotian and we have rice five or six times a week.

How do you store the rice water or do you just water when you make rice? 
@sarahsalith I just water them when I make rice…you should be able to store it in the fridge but don’t leave it out too long because it does start to smell after just three days

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