Posted 2w ago by @Herbalgreen25

Is there a way to get these babies to grow? Do i need to clip them to get more growth? This is my only aloe that hasn’t been giving me babies, had for almost a year #AloeVera
0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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@Herbalgreen25 I'd give the plant some time, I'm sure it'll be happy in it's new pot and just needs to acclimate and fill it's new space!
Clipping them won't promote growth. They usually like to be pretty tight in the pot before they put out pups, then they don't stop 😳. Likely it's just getting it's roots settled and shooting leaves out the top before it's making babes.

I wouldn't recommend repotting unless you think it needs it, as disturbing the roots will just make things take longer.

That said, idk if the rocks are making it harder for them to come up. They absolutely will, but they look pretty heavy so it might be survival of the fittest under the rocks as they try to push up through.
@PlantMompy you know that just me. I have a lot of heavy rocks 🪨 in my aloe planter. But me and Lily have had a rocky history so far.
Rocks can be great above and below plants! Just want to make sure babes can poke through if it's the goal, so sometimes smaller is better
@PlantMompy i did just re plot the plant so the rocks are temporary
@PlantMompy yes i picked up these rocks outside

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