Posted 1w ago by @FabRubbercup

Are they even growing??? Got these in like a science kit. I can’t even tell if some are growing at all
Can you tell us what the difference between each colour is? Also, what plant even is this?
@WickedValkyrie just the different seed, all I can remember is the red is pumpkin πŸŽƒ
@FabRubbercup so if each colour is a different seed, that will mean they grow at different rates. So it will be different for us to help you without knowing what they are, what conditions they are kept in, etc...
For all we can tell, the only difference is food coloring...
@WickedValkyrie very true πŸ˜…thank you
@WickedValkyrie i just know the jell is like some kinda growing gel
Without knowing what the medium is we really can't help...πŸ˜… if there's no growth in over a month, the seeds are likely not viable...
Do you still have the kit or remember what it was called? The red seed looks like it might have something popping out if the top and the yellow looks like it’s growing. The green looks like something was removed from the gel?
@Kace they all have seed in them
@FabRubbercup That’s really neat! Thank you for grabbing the box.
I think @WickedValkyrie is right. The ones that don’t seem to be growing yet, might just require more time. The yellow looks like it’s off to a great start. Hopefully the other two catch up soon!
Keep us posted!

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