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This is the single biggest PPP I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! 🀯 Fo...

This is the single biggest PPP I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! 🀯
For $20, I had to buy her!!
Now to make my own aroid mix--Does anyone have any good "Recipes"?
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3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 hours ago
wow 🀩
I know you said you’re looking for a β€œrecipe” but this is the aroid mix I got for my tropical plants.
@CaptainJaneway I am open to anything that my plants will love! Thank you, I saved it to my Amazon wishlist. :)
She is a show stopper! Mine is way smaller than that! Keep me in the loop lol
@PlantJedi I'm not even exceptionally good at taking care of PPPs, but I am trying to learn because I just love her! I have two medium PPPs(doing not so hot) and one small (doing pretty well under a grow light), and now this monster... So I'm trying to figure out a perfect aroid mix to put her in when I repot. 🧐
@JesssJungle SHE’S MASSIVE! I bought a couple on clearance and they’re not looking too happy πŸ₯΄

For an aroid mix: I typically use succulent soil, perlite, pine bark (cheaper than orchid bark) and I have recently been adding coco chips into it.
@S.ham13 thank you!! 😊 I just ordered Coco chips, vermiculite, and orchid bark. I have LECA, and perlite and compost I can also mix in! I will have to look into pine bark!
Perfect!!! I add vermiculite every so often but have not recently 😬
Um pardon my ignorance, but what is an β€˜aroid’ mix? And which plants like it? I have a white wizard and dragon tail philos and a starter pink princess marble galaxy. Should I be using something special? I have them in indoor potting mix that’s mixed with orchid bark, vermiculite worm castings… and I feel like I’m forgetting an ingredient. But how does an aroid mix differ?
@VerdantFlora mix 1 part peat moss, 1 part orchid bark (or an orchid bark mix which usually contains peat and horticultural charcoal) and 1 part perlite … Check out this website:,needs%20of%20your%20Aroid%20plant. it might be of interest Happy Growing!
I am dying with envy!

I bought the scrungiest PPP you’ve ever seen because it was the only one and have been working really hard to get her into shape. I mean she’s healthy but has minimal variegation and lots of torn leaves. I actually think she got on the wrong truck or something because I have never seen another PPP in my area at all. I’m lucky to have my little diamond in the rough.
This is the THIRD TIME that Walmart has gotten me with their PPPs. I don't know where they get them but dayum. 🀩
I bet your little gal will grow into a beautiful big plant some day. ❀️
@VerdantFlora philodendrons are aroids so they like chunky, airy, well draining soil. @Ms.Persnickety yep that's the most common mix I have seen listed! I am basically gonna go off that and maybe add lecca.
She’s beautiful!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–
Holy cow that’s a stunner 🀯
So cheap on average a cheap one is like 40-60 bucks and a average price is like 80-200 dollars and they can cost up to like 500-1200 dollars
_20 % Coco coir _ 35 % compost_ 15% perlite_ 10 % leca _ 20 % regular poting mix
I can get over this plant😍😍😍
@JesssJungle it’s going to be so gorgeous!!πŸ˜²πŸ’–