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It's not as pretty as @strawberrymoon's plant, but it's pretty! #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
What type of plant is that?

I think it's part of this arrangement
@LucidScotspine It's a Fatsia japonica - but Airi has a beautiful plant that I cannot find in the US.
Thank you
Your Fatsia japonica a gorgeous πŸ₯°.
@LucidScotspine you have a great arrangement, Michelle! You've got at least five different plants in there!!
Thank you. It was sent to me from former coworkers after my 26 year old son passed away in February. It's quite special to me
@LucidScotspine oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you cherish the plants.
It was totally unexpected and sudden.
Do you by any chance know what the other ones are?
@LucidScotspine yes, ma'am, I can tell you what I think they are.

1- dwarf sheffelera

2- parlor palm

3- dracaena, maybe a bi-colored or tri-colored

4- croton Petra

5- it's hard to tell, but I am pretty sure it's a peace lily.

All the plants have slightly different care needs. I see they are doing really well together, but if they ever start to decline, I would recommend separating them.
@LucidScotspine number 5 might be a different type of Dracaena or a cornstalk plant. I just looked at your other picture in your oasis.
Thank you. All the plants are individually potted. Eventually I will need to re-pot them for now they can co-exist. When I get the notification to water I finger check the soil and water accordingly.
@LucidScotspine no WONDER they all look so great! You've been doing a very good job keeping them healthy. (:
@LucidScotspine I am so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
@sarahsalith wow what a stunning plant. It is just as beautiful 🀩. Yes @strawberrymoon has a gorgeous one as well.
Omg its amaizing! I love the bright green and healty plant! Wish you luck! πŸ€—πŸ₯°πŸ˜
It’s lovely! Ours is really starting to pop this year. One of my favorites on the patio.
@sarahsalith ooo that looks like it could be my plant’s cousin lol
@LucidScotspine mine is a podophyllum pleianthum!! looks v similar to the plant in sarahs pic except mine is more lily pad looking

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