Posted 1w ago by @CocacolaGarlic

yeah i think this plant might be done for πŸ˜” its been losing at least one leaf daily for a month or so and its all these weird brown spots, i think its got a disease or a fungus. i might try a fungicide if it’s not too expensive and bc ive tried everything else, but im at the point where im kinda throwing in the towel
8ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
like its still growing new stems (infected stems but theyre alive) so it might make it still but i am not too confident ngl
I actually just propagated mine for the first time! It was super easy and both plants took off like a rocket! That could be a last resort, but know there is hope!

It looks like you have a great pot choice, but it is really far from a light source. Could you give it better light?
@PlantMompy Well if I have to I hope it goes as well as it did for you, its such a fun little plant but I think I just got one that wasn’t very healthy :/
I can’t really move it no, at least not without moving it signifigantly closer to my other plants which I don’t want to do if I think it has a bacterial infection.
Absolutely! Would a grow light be an option? Just a full spectrum one in a lamp near by? Plants get their food and energy from the sun so if it's not getting any it can't recover from what's going on
@PlantMompy I could look into it. but I mean it gets better light than a lot of my plants do, its just not direct.

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