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Turkey's mother leaf is starting to turn yellow, should I be concerned, or does this just mean he'll be ready for a pot soon? πŸ€” #succulentsquad #jade #succulentpropogation
You should definitely pot this little baby in soil until the leaf shrivels up.
Your baby will continue to grow attached to the dying leaf, from what little I know you should let the leaf die off and the bebe should then detach on its own, the bebe is still very small.. Is leave it alone where it is.
@Sassylimey tiny babies πŸ₯ΉπŸ–€ I was definitely planning to leave him right here till his mother leaf dies, just curious why it's turning yellow as none of my other props are... Too much light maybe? I don't think he's been moved at all, but I've been doing a lot of stuff in that window so it's possible... πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
I agree with @Sassylimey . It's likely just ready to drop off. Some take forever and some don't. I got all my jades because they wouldn't die and just kept making more babies 🀦🏽
@WickedValkyrie not sure why your leaf turned yellow, I've had that happen when trying to prop but they just die, yours has a nice bebe and the leaf isn't actually dead, it still looks ok where bebe is attatched ☺️
@Sassylimey yeah usually if I try to prop one that's already yellow it just curls up and dies, but this a first for me. Lol It's a mystery I guess πŸ€·πŸ˜†
@PlantMompy yeah I've had probably like a 96% success rate with these dudes so far. The only ones that don't grow are the yellow ones... But now this guy is yellow so 🀷
Normal, the main leaf begins to die off once babies are established
@WellmadeCarrot I know they die, just none of my other ones have turned yellow so I was confused lol
I would put it in a little pot leave it for 3 days and let the roots take place on their own since they are so fragile. after 3 days give it a little water

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