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I can’t tell y’all how Excited I am today!! I’ve been sick as hell since Friday. My husband decided to join me yesterday 😩 Today we celebrate our 35th Anniversary. But Best of All, while visiting my Greg Family, I noticed the cutest little blue check next to my picture!! I’m Over The Moon Excited!! I know this has to sound pitiful to most, but I’m a happy plant mom right now!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!💚🪴💚🪴💚🪴💚🪴💚🪴💚🪴💚🪴💚🪴
Congratulations 🎊🎉and Happy Anniversary
Congratulations!! I'm sorry y'all are sick, but in sickness and in health, right? 😉

Congratulations on your anniversary and your check mark! ♥️😁
@AnnMarie420 Happy Anniversary and congratulations on becoming another top contributor. I totally understand your excitement, now we wait for the long awaited Greg mug 🍵!!!
@Ms.Persnickety I can’t wait!!🤗🤗
@LatiTish84 thank you very much! @sarahsalith Thank you and Yes we’ve had plenty of both!!
congrats!! i’m so happy for you 💕💕 hope you get well soon and that you and your husband have a great anniversary:)
@strawberrymoon thank you very much 🤗💚🪴💚🪴

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