Posted 1M ago by @Honeyharbin

I haven’t been on here much because my plants are just not doing well in this southern California heat 😭 But here’s Cleo to give me a lil serotonin and remind me that we’re almost out of it.

I missed you guys! How’s everyone doing? Show me a plant of yours that’s doing it’s best because my view is looking a lil sad right now 😭 #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #MonsteraMob #HappyPlants #HoneyHarbin
Well I have my orchid I got! Also as the founder of the #SolomonSealClub I have to inform you about Solomon seal so I suggest looking through the post there! The further down the happier they look because they’re starting to get to the end of their rope for the season!
@PlantyPlanter so pretty 🤍 the Solomon seal club is so interesting to me I’m definitely going to have to catch up!
I did a trade for some VSOH props and the person gave me SO many. Despite that I was/am still terrified. But I've had them about a week and already seeing new growth 😍🥺 (a little hard to see in this photo, they are on the left, but pretty either way)
@PlantMompy they’re in good hands!

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