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New pot for my #Aglaonema ‘Anyamanee’ Tricolor 🌿🥰 Happy ...

New pot for my #Aglaonema ‘Anyamanee’ Tricolor 🌿🥰

Happy Easter everyone! My favourite - don’t tell the others - got a special gift today. Trying out this off-white new pot that I think really made the colors pop.

Also, look at how fast the #NewGrowth has gone. The small new leaf is bigger than everyone else and almost as colourful lol
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3ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
@BabeVila thank you! Can’t stop looking at it! A closer look to show the small details that made me love it even more. A match made in plant heaven!!!
@Gustavo that’s really gorgeous! I have a Red Siam Aurora Aglaonema and a Golden Fluorite (which was struggling when I got it from the clearance rack and is still struggling now— can’t figure out how to make her happy) and I just got a green one on Friday but I’ve yet to identify the cultivar. But I really love all the different types of Aglaonema! Yours is beautiful and is going on my ever-growing wishlist! It’s so fun to stare at our plants and notice all the beauty in their little details 🥰 So happy for you! It’s truly stunning!
@BabeVila There's one thing I love about them: I am, as we speak, researching what a 'golden fluorite' is, because even though I have 10 Agloanemas, I had never heard of it!!!
Since they are sold by many names, and are traditional plants for millenia, there are soooooo many varieties it's easy to get lost.
My goal? To at least see in person a few of my favourites, which I have in a notebook!
Thank you so much for your kind comment, it really made me happy. I love these plants - they were the ones that started it all for me, that taught me how to care and made me into the plant lover I am today. I just have to be careful otherwise I'll be buying one per day LOL
@BabeVila btw, the one in the picture is so so so important for me I named it after my mom! It’s weird how some things really… get to us, you know? Real deep connection 🌿🥰
@Gustavo I am already there! 🫣 I am constantly coming home with plants and running out of places to put them lol! The Golden Fluorite is so lovely, I really hope I can save mine! She’s been through a lot. And that is so nice you named it after your mom. I totally understand that! I have plants named after my brother, best friend, great grandmother, and when I find the right plants, I will continue to name them after people who are important to me! I love how you’ve honored your mom, who took care of you, by naming a beautiful thing after her, that now you will take care of. ♥️
@BabeVila exactly! Most of mine are named after people in my life I care about. The nice thing is I also remember the loved one when I’m caring for my plant :)
As for places to put my plants… you have no idea ahahahha I’m currently working on installing some hangers to put some on my walls, but I reeeeeaallly need to be mindful. When I love something I go fully into it, so no surprise I’m so excited about plants 😂😂😂
@Gustavo that’s wonderful, though! The hangers sound cool! I can’t wait to see them. I also dive headfirst into everything I love so I understand! I ended up buying this big industrial shelving unit for my plants this weekend, because a regular plant stand cannot come close to holding enough! I’m definitely going to get more of these, it turned out great and I ordered led grow light strips to put under each shelf so all the plants get adequate light. So excited! Now I have more space… for more plants. 🤣🪴🪴🪴🪴
@BabeVila Your space looks awesome!
Here is where most of my plants stay, most of the time - it doubles as sort of a closet, so you can already see it's clumpy by nature hahaha but I kinda like the look.

Then I'll have 3 hangers on the right (hopefully soon), a vase on the wall (trust me - the time I took trying = it's gonna look ok lol) and soon I hope to have more wood shelves installed on the other walls. This is all in my room, so I need it because of books for my studies, not only my plants LOL

and then there are some that stay in other places in my home - living room, etc. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, but soon I'll reach optimum organisation ;)
And thankfully - one of the few reeeal perks of my small room - I get a lot, I mean A LOT of indirect light throughout the day. So most of them are fine. No full-on sunlight plants, though - these would need grow lights light yours
@Gustavo your space looks great and I like your art! Glad you get good indirect light all day! That seems to be what most of my plants require but my house doesn’t have a lot of good natural light. Thank goodness for grow lights!
Those colors are beautiful! 😻
@BabeVila the indirect light in my room is what saves me, really. But yeah, when spring comes over here I’m going to try and plant some new plants at grandmas garden, some that like direct sunlight (perks of living in the suburbs of a big city is having a garden next to your house - if it was in mine, it would already be full lol)
@nellz4estfairyz aren’t they? I also bought a green one for my alocasia pink dragon (more of a small bowl) - I’m obsessed with these small details
@Gustavo very nice