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I nearly killed my aloe vera plant. I should have report...

I nearly killed my aloe vera plant. I should have reported it when it arrived. I was thinking it was in a small pot with drainage holes and in a ceramic pot over it so water wouldn't spill, it was okay. Then it started getting black spots. Some at the top of the leaves some at the bottom. I Google to find out what was the issue. It was the fungus gnats that I thought was just gnats or fruit flies
I purchased some mosquito bits and mosquito dunks. I poured mosquito bits into all the potted plants. So I repotted the aloe vera plant and when I took it out of the old pot that it came in. Oh my gosh!!!!! The soil was was soooo wet I touched the plant and it came right out of the soil with maybe 2 strands of roots. I sat it in a bigger pot with fresh soil. I didn't even water it yet because the soil around the bottom of the plant is still wet. Should I water the soil?
Should I have cut off the black spots? Help!!!!!
2ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago