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Need advice on what to do with my Ficus Ginseng next. Rec...

Need advice on what to do with my Ficus Ginseng next. Recently grown a notably long branch with leaves bigger than normal and with many leaves growing on this branch. Do I let this continue growing or do I consider pruning? I’m not sure why the leaves are way bigger than the others #Ficus #FicusGinseng #NewGrowth
I’m not sure if it’s okay to let this grow out during the growing season, or if this branch will overpower the rest of the plant? The branch is definitely thick and established towards the base but much thinner towards the top.
Also, any advice on styling or shaping would be appreciated or if it looks fine as is for now.
It may be stretching its leaves out to try and reach some light. How much sun is it getting and how far away from the window is it?
You can prune off that big leader branch to help the shape
I’d keep the new branch and let it grow. You could try to shape the branch into a form or direction that you want the tree to grow in using some floral wire. My Ficus ginseng grow weird too πŸ˜…, most of the large leaves on mine are older and closer to the trunk. I