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Curious what people with 100plus plants have their goal type set to for watering needs? I was using β€˜ease’ for a month to see. I do like that it spaces out the watering to the dry side for soil, but I only had two water days per week. that was a lot of plants those two days. I’m going back to balanced. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict also a green house progress pic for attention πŸ˜‚ #BackyardGreenhouse
Love your greenhouse πŸ’š
Haha! I I think I have balanced;οΏΌ I'll have to look. I remember switching it once, to see the difference that it madeοΏΌ and it was overwhelming. πŸ˜‚ I think I switched to ease and noped right back to balanced!
I love your greenhouse!

I started with "balanced" and I loved it because I have little ones so it was nice to just hit it hard a couple times. Now I use "growth" and I find that I'm snoozing a lot, but I also feel like I have more wiggle room. Like if I just don't get to them all one day I can go to the next whereas when it was spaced out if I didn't do it on that day I had some dramatic plants that would get very upset with me.
I use growth for this reason. Watering every day. There is never more than like 30 in one day
I see that I’m on ease and never realized it🫀 I’ll have to try and mix it up.
@sarahsalith it’s too much lol!!
@PlantMompy that makes sense.
@RJG ya I tried it and it’s not working out lol. Back to balanced I go! I’m still up in the air about growth right now but I may go back to that….
@Wickedlemons what don't you like about it? Just curious
@RJG about the growth? I like it and I don’t mind watering everyday. I’ve been playing around with all three too see which I prefer and what works the best for me. I’m going to do balanced again for a bit and then the growth again so I can make my decision. Honestly I just don’t think I can eave things be πŸ€£β€¦ I’m always messing with things.
@Wickedlemons sounds good to me! If you ever have specific feedback about a setting that would improve it don't hesitate to reach out!
@RJG you’ve got the feedback for ease. It’s overwhelming. 😊Balanced right now is my favorite I don’t overwater with Balance and my plants seemed pretty happy and thriving. My only issue with growth is that I tend to see an uptick with gnats and surface mold. I love the snooze feature though so that the app can learn. Really I have no complaints!
@RJG ohhh wait…. Can a green house location be added to the plantn by location? Obviously a greenhouse is a bit different than the current choices, what do you think?
@Wickedlemons lol I have been asking for one for a while with the #BackyardGreenhouse but we did add a skylight window orientation.
I normally do outside with skylight
@RJG ohhh good to know! I’ll update those. Thank you.
Growth? Balanced? Ease? Can someone direct me to info about this?
@TruthfulApricot yep! So you can adjust your watering needs or wants in you profile. If you scroll to the bottom you can choose growth, balanced or ease.
@TruthfulApricot hope this helps! Also included a screen shot of what each means!
@Wickedlemons Perfect! Thank you so much!
@TruthfulApricot who's that guy in the screenshot. He's pretty smart πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€πŸŒš
I chose balanced. It can be a pain having to water 54 or more at once but then I can go awhile without watering. Or only have some to water in between. But I have over 200 probably and they aren’t all in the app yet
@Wickedlemons Where are all the shelves for the yet to come plants?
@Wickedlemons I don’t have 100 plants yet only around 80 odd, but I have been on growth since the beginning. And it’s working although I reduce the amount of water by about 1/2 and I haven’t got a gnat problem since reducing the amount of water.
@Ms.Persnickety not in yet, it’s a progress pic. This was all I was able to get done yesterday unfortunately. It’s hunting season so we have a lot going on between getting chickens settled, green house, garden harvest and canning and hunting. Oh and that pesky thing called work. I’m getting there, but thanks for keeping me on my toes.
@Wickedlemons Cool, can’t wait to see it all completed, hopefully before it gets too cold πŸ₯Ά
@Ms.Persnickety also my greenhouse will mainly be used for winter crops/veggies and seed starting in the early spring. I will utilize it to winter my outside cacti and succs as well though. I’ve got at least two more months before we get freezing temps 😊
Is this a setting in this app? If so how how i get to it? I have well over 100 and since I've been using this app about a month ago and I've had to water everyday. It's super stressful so because of this reason i haven't added most of my baby & cutting plants.
I've used growth since I joined Greg and it's mostly working. I do water every day but finding lately I've been having to snooze more plants than I'm watering.
I may try balanced for a while.
@brittnee yes under your profile. I added a couple screen shots a bit further up in the thread.
I was on Ease and think I'm gonna try Growth!
I dunno, but when you figure it out LMK! πŸ˜† 🀣
Growth, I snooze when needed. If a plant isn’t ready to be watered I give it a good bug check and maybe clean their leaves instead. I find I can take care of all my plants really well this way! Infestation rarely gets far

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