Posted 3d ago by @RighteousPotato

I brought all these plants home on the plane. I think I may have got to many.
One thing I’ve learned on this app, that there is no such thing as too many plants 😂😉🤭 such cute babies! 💙
I think your doing great! There are never enough plants!
Ooh keep us posted on your seeds & cuttings for #ScienceWithGreg!
Naahhhh that’s not too many. You’ll notice when you have too many because you’ll run out places to put them and you’ll have to start growing them in a closet under grow lights. Not to mention the app will remind you that you have 50 plants to water today. When it takes hours to water all the plants that need it and you still have 150 more plants that will need water later, that’s when it may start to be a problem. I was watering cacti last night from about 10pm to about 1:30am. That’s when it starts to be too many. Lol. You’ll also know it’s too many when you still have about 100 that you still need to add to the app and haven’t because of how much time it takes

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