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Y’all appreciate #digitalart? 🥹
#gregart #GregGang #ArtsAndPlants #kscapedream
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I'm new and I'm really glad this is one of the first posts I've seen because it is great
Those are gorgeous!
@Melodycare Welcome to Greg!!!
This is awesome Dariana!
You're so talented a Dariana 🥰
Welcome to Greg @Melodycare this is an awesome community.
Happy growing 🌱🌿💛
Yes! Those are so cool!! 😀
Welcome Melody
I found I post I did about propagating Solomon seal (that I forgot I even posted) but the imagine is what I used
@Melodycare Welcome to Greg! 🥹 you’ll love this community 😊
@Megg @RJG @Sassylimey @CopyKat Thank you all! Means a lot 😁
@PlantyPlanter ooooo checking this out! I’ll start a new thread here in a lil about SS props so we can talk!
These are so pretty!!!! Some inspo- a Greg mug with a coffee plant or blue star fern!! 🪴 ☕️ ♥️

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