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Question for Monstera experts.
My moisture meter is indicating that on one side of the pot the soil is a “3” the other side of the pot the moisture meter is reading like a 7/8 … is this normal? Might I add, she has more foliage hanging over the side that’s more moist… I’m assuming I should not water yet.. it’s been about 7 days since I watered last. Also- she sits in a west facing window but off to the side so it’s not direct sun.. most of its new growth/old seem to be solid leaved- not split.. Is that normal?
Pictures for reference 😃 it seems very happy so I’m not sure why this is happening-
I’m not a monstera expert 🙈 I just wanted to say that I love your pots! 😍🪴 and your plant is beautiful!
They LOVE as much light as they can get for starters. When you water your fave to obviously do it thoroughly all around the pot. Some people bottom water and that usually ensures an even water
@jcPlantProper thanks for the tip!.. they don’t mind direct sun? This window gets pretty hot in the afternoon.. so I moved it to the side where it’s just bright not direct sun.. if I moved it to the other side of the window it would have late afternoon sun beating down on it.. I’m just worried to burn her leaves. The Bella palm beside it didn’t seam to enjoy the direct sun, some of her branches started to look burnt.

I also have east facing window I could move her too..
@saatwood Thankyou! I fell in love as well when I stumbled across them in the greenhouse.. I have no self control when it comes to pretty plant pots 🙈🙈 Thankyou 🙂
@KBolts3 yes they love bright indirect sunlight. I too water mine because my dip saucer isn’t big enough to allow me to bottom water. I have two of them that I have had for a year now. They are thriving like crazy this year. I also use Happy Happy Houseplant food/fertilizer.
@KBolts3 yeah! Just place a few inches from the window so it’s slightly less but they don’t mind it. Esp if you turn it a 1/4 each time you water

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