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Watering day for my tillandsia’s! I love all plants but air plants are some of my favorites! 😍 Show me your air plant babies #AirPlant #HappyPlants #PlantShelfie #PlantAddict
They are so cute! My babies also had a swim today.
@Hypsie love your hanging display!
@Superkma75 Thank you!!
I used to have one, but after misting once a week like the store told me… it rotted! 😭
@Superkma75 here are all my air plants.
I got one as a free gift. I know nothing about them, it just came with other plants and it's flowering. Didn't even know they could flower so guess its happy on my succulent shelf.
@KristyGoldblatt love your holders too! I think that’s half the fun of plant collecting is picking out the perfect receptacle’s!
@KristyGoldblatt Love the natural holders you have them in 😍
@tango I’ve never really had to mist mine, I just give them a good soak weekly but either way, you should always flip them over to completely dry on a towel before putting them back in their container.
@mayz what a beauty! 😍
I have several air plants, but these are my favorites.
@MyLeafyGreenBabies Gorgeous! And they loot so heavy! You are obviously a tillandsia master 🙏
@Superkma75 Thanks! I got them when they were small. I guess they like it here.😄
@Hypsie thank you.
Mine watered today!
@mayz that's so cool I hope that mine flower
I love the bottom one😍😍
My air plants

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